Cockspur A22


Cockspur A22-LS



Version 2 of the A22.

Listening to all the feedback from our version 1 of the A22, we decided to go back and rebuild the A22 from the ground up.

We have removed the electronic flight instruments and replaced them with analog gauges, remodelled and retextured the entire aircraft.The phone gadget has been removed and replaced it with a paper checklist located on the lower central console, aft of the throttle. Using this checklist you can now select KPH on the speed gauge, and also activate static elements.


-2 verions, with or without wheel-fairings

-Static elements turned on or off using in-cockpit checklist

-Switch between ASI units using in-cockpit checklist

-Flaperons modelled

-Multiple liveries


-Realistic flight-model based on real-world data

-Easy to master, fun to fly